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21st Century Publishing provides free technical support for all of our products. Please contact us by email, fax, or letter and we will respond as soon as possible (generally in the same business day):

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21st Century Publishing
6823 126th Ave. NE
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For purchase problems (example downloading purchased software or billing information) e-mail custservice@digitalriver.com or call 1-800-656-5426, 24 hours – 7 days a week.

Please provide the following information in your problem description:
Every computer on the Internet has an IP address that uniquely identifies it.  When you sail head to head you need to provide this address to your opponent to allow a connection between your computers.  However, if you use a router or other firewall device, your computer is assigned a “local” address by the firewall or router (typically something like  This is not your true IP address, the one your opponent needs.  To find the true address you’ll need to query your router using its configuration software — how you do this depends on the particular router model.   If your Internet Service Provider assigned a static IP address to you (rare), you’ll just need to do this once — the IP address will never change.  However, if you have a dynamic IP address (most people do) you’ll need to query the router each time you play because the IP address may have changed since the last time you were connected.   In addition, you may need to change some settings in the router (just once) to allow it to forward messages to your computer.  This is called port forwarding.   In your router configuration software you should find a method of specifying port numbers and which computer on the LAN will receive forwarding from that port.   DirectPlay (and 21st Century Sailing) uses ports 47624, 6073 and 2302 or sometimes 2303.  You should set forwarding on these ports to your computer’s local IP address.

Q: Are joysticks supported?

Yes, we support any joystick that is supported by Microsoft DirectX (most any joystick).   Just select the Input menu and pick Enable Joystick.  Then use the joystick controls below to control the sailboat.  You can continue to use the mouse and keyboard at the same time, but they all control the same boat.

Left                          Wheel/tiller left
Right                        Wheel/tiller right
Trigger single click    External view
Trigger double click   Cockpit view
Button1                     Let sails out
Button2                     Pull sails in
Button3                     Hoist spinnaker
Button4                     Hoist jib
Button5                     Auto heading on/off
Button6                     Auto trim on/off
Button7                     Start/stop race
Hat switch                 Look in each direction
Twist left                   Temporarily look left
Twist right                 Temporarily look right

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