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A perfect way to connect with other people for fun online sailing!

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Online Sailing Club

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The club uses 21st Century Sailing Simulator’s multiplayer features to connect people in sailboat races.  Most races are arranged using the direct Internet connection that is supported by the software.  All you need is a copy of 21st Century Sailing Simulator (even the free trial version works for this!).   In a few minutes you can be racing head-to-head or in a regatta.  It’s easy and it’s fun.

The club uses an email list to help coordinate race schedules and requests among the members.  When you join, your email address is entered into this list.  You will then be part of the club discussion group and will receive email notices of upcoming races, discussions of previous races, and general club information.  You can join in the discussion just by replying or by sending a new message to the list.

The club provides a great way to get in touch with people who share your interest in sailing and have the same software you do.  Come join us today!

How to Join
Just enter your email address and click below to join.  There is no cost and the list is completely private.  Your email address will never be used for any other purpose and the club list will never be used for solicitation.

You will receive a welcome message in your regular email shortly after you join.   You may also start receiving other messages from existing club members.  To reply to those messages, just select Reply on your email software.  If you want to send a new message to all club members, address it to sailingclub@21stcenturypublishing.com

The best way to start racing is to send an email message to the club and introduce yourself.  You’ll probably get a number of responses and can arrange a time to race.   You can also simply monitor the email from other members and find out about upcoming regattas or tournaments.  For complete information about racing online see play online.

To remove yourself from the club and the email list click here,
send an email message to mdaemon@21stcenturypublishing.com with these words in the body of the email message:
   unsubscribe sailingclub@21stcenturypublishing.com
You can leave the subject line of the email blank, it is ignored.

Club Rules
Online Sailing Club members should make sure they follow these rules:

use the email list only for purposes of scheduling sailing races or cruises or as a discussion forum for related topics
refrain from the use of profanity or other objectionable language
treat other members with respect
avoid lengthy person-to-person discussions (take these type of discussions offline, out of the email list)
never solicit other members for any purpose other than online sailing
never use the email addresses of other members for any other purpose

Any member who violates these rules is subject to permanent removal from the club.

Free Time Zone Utility
Online Sailing Club members can download a free copy of EarthClock, a useful utility that shows the current time of day anywhere in the world.  Use it to help schedule sailing events when players are many different time zones.  See downloads.

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