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Getting Started

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The multiplayer online racing feature allows you to play against other real people in an online sailboat race. You can race with a friend by directly connecting two computers together via modem or local area network, or you can race against anyone in the world by connecting via the Internet.

To race online you’ll need to be connected. (Well, you’re probably already connected or you wouldn’t be reading this!  But just in case you’re not…)  You’ll need a modem (28.8 K Baud or faster) and an Internet connection. Any Internet Service Provider (such as America Online, CompuServe, Earthlink, or any local Internet service provider) is all that’s needed. If you don’t have an Internet connection you’ll be limited to calling your friends directly using a modem. More information about Internet Service Providers in your area can be found in your local phone directory.

When you have a multiplayer race you are controlling your boat and racing against boats that are controlled by other real people. You will see their boats and they will see yours. 21st Century Sailing Simulator coordinates all the details of the race among the participants — all you have to do is handle your boat and sail your best!

Connecting to Other People
So you’re ready to sail against others? So how do you find people that want to race? There are several ways:

1. Sailing with a friend (modem). You and your friend both own 21st Century Sailing Simulator and you both have modems. Just call your friend and arrange to have a race at a particular time. One person will be the host, the other person calls the host’s phone number using the modem. It’s all handled with the program — you just need to know the host’s phone number.

2. Sailing with a friend on the Internet (recommended as the best method). Each person connects to the Internet via their Internet Service Provider. Once on the Internet, the host provides their Internet Protocol (IP) computer address to their friend. The IP address allows the friend to locate the host via the Internet. This method provides the best person-to-person connection and avoids long-distance phone calls. When you’re connected to the Internet, your computer is assigned a unique IP address.  It’s easy to find out your address: just press the Windows Start button, pick Run, enter “winipcgf”, and press Ok to get the information.

3. Sailing on an office LAN. It’s 5:00 PM and the office is closing. Time for an after-hours race on the Local Area Network. Each computer needs a copy of 21st Century Sailing Simulator. One person hosts a new session and others join in. You can have up to 10 people racing together this way.

4. Join the Online Sailing Club.  This is an email list that connects you to sailing enthusiasts around the world.  Use it to schedule races and connect with thousands of people who also have 21st Century Sailing Simulator.  See Online Sailing Club below.

5. You can also race against other people in a tournament that keeps track of your race results and posts times for other players to compete with. For complete information, see Tournament Play below.

Hosting a Session
The host starts a new multiplayer session and waits for other players to join. When enough players have joined the session, the host starts the race and then becomes just another participant in the race. Once the race has begun, only the host can pause and resume. If the host leaves a session before the race is over, another player will automatically become the host.

There are two fundamentally different ways to host a session:

1. Start a new session on an Internet game site (Kali for example). In this case, you start the game session and allow other players to join while you are connected to the game site web page. You will press a Launch button that will automatically start 21st Century Sailing Simulator. This starts the program and automatically takes you to a series of dialogs that defines a new multiplayer session.

2. Start a new session by running 21st Century Sailing Simulator and choosing the Online Race button from the Button Bar. This starts a series of dialogs that defines a new multiplayer session.

When you are done, the simulation will start, but the race is paused. You can wait in this position for others to join the session (If you get tired of waiting you can start the race, but you can’t reset the time clock later. You’ll have to start another session). As players join you will see their name appear in the players list and you’ll see their boat appear on the water. As other people join you can chat with them prior to starting the race. As the host, you should give everyone fair warning that the race is about to start via the chat feature.

You can send text messages to the other players in a multiplayer session by using the chat box. Type the message you want to send and press Enter or click the Send button. If All is selected (normal), your message goes to all players. Messages are displayed in the message log to the right using the color of that player’s boat.

In addition to chat messages, some other system messages will be displayed, for example when a new player joins or when the race starts. When a new message of any type comes in, the message light will briefly shine red to give you a visual cue that a new message has arrived.

Where to Play


To race 21st Century Sailing Simulator on KALI.NET:

  1. Install 21st Century Sailing Simulator Version 2.0 on your computer and run it at least once to allow it to automatically register itself as a launchable game.
  2. Register at KALI.NET. Kali offers two subscription options:  a free subscription with a 15 minute game session limit and a one-time $20 subscription that provides for unlimited game play. Go to www.kali.net and click Register.
  3. When you register, you’ll automatically get the Kali software that allows you to play online.
  4. Once you’ve registered and have the Kali software, start the Kali client software from your Windows Start menu.
  5. You should see 21st Century Sailing Simulator at the top of the list in the Game Lobbies folder. Click it to go to the game lobby.
  6. The game lobby lists current game sessions and allows you to create a new session. Note that only registered Kali members can create a new session, but anyone can join a Kali game session.  When you create a new session, you will be the session host. You can wait for others to join you (or send them mail to tell them you’re ready). When everyone has joined, choose Start the Game from the Launch menu. 21st Century Sailing Simulator will automatically start on your computer and everyone else’s computer. You don’t need to start it yourself.
  7. If you need help, click the Help menu item from the Kali client software window.

Go to Kali.net now!

Microsoft Game Zone

Sailing Online at the Microsoft Game Zone:  You can go to Microsoft Game Zone (www.zone.com) any time day or night to have a free multiplayer race using 21st Century Sailing Simulator. Here’ how:

  1. Install 21st Century Sailing Simulator Version 2.0 Multiplayer and run it at least once to allow it to register itself for use with the Game Zone (this registration happens automatically).
  2. Start your browser and go to www.zone.com.
  3. Click “Simulation” on the left side of the page.
  4. Click “Zone LAN – DirectPlay”.
  5. Click “Simulation Games”. If you’ve never been to the Game Zone before, it will ask you to create a username/password. Registering is free.
  6. If you don’t have the Game Zone Lobby installed to your computer, it will automatically download some software. Let this software complete, and then click on “Simulation Games”.
  7. You will be in a lobby with 51 game rooms. You can host a new race, or you can join an existing race. You can also chat with other people who are in the lobby. Click the Host button or Join button on a room to host or join a game session. If you are hosting, wait for others to join, then press the Launch button. 21st Century Sailing Simulator will automatically start on all player’s computers.

Go to Microsoft Game Zone now!

Online Sailing Club

The Online Sailing Club is an email list that provides a way to communicate with other people around the world who also have 21st Century Sailing Simulator.  Anyone can join, even peole with the free trial version.  There is no cost.  For complete information click here.

Tournament Play

There are several places on the Internet where you can meet other people who have 21st Century Sailing Simulator and want to race. One site also keeps track of race results and schedules tournaments. For more information, please click below.

Alex Leonenko’s Sailing Simulator Page
Alex maintains schedules and information about tournament sailing with 21st Century Sailing Simulator.

Ron Unger’s Tournament List
One of our most enthusiastic captains, Ron maintains a list of players that want to join in on the fun of tournament sailing.  Just send an email to him to find out more or to join the list.

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