The advantage of Cascais is that almost all of the attractions of this part of the county are directly within or walking distance from it, from the same Estoril you also have to go to them by bike at least.

One of the highlights in Cascais is the magnificent Palacio de Conde de Castro Guimaraes, a famous museum library open to visitors. There you can see a collection of 25,000 books, among which many rare ones. Most of the prehistoric finds from Grutas de Alapraia are also kept there, a group of underground caves discovered only in the 19th century. Grutus do Poço Velho caves, another natural wonder, are located directly in the city center and date back to the Neolithic period. The local Maritime Museum attracts visitors with an exhibition dedicated to fishing and the history of the city, plus mollusks, fish, mammals and birds: the founder of the museum was the Portuguese king Carlos I, who was only interested in oceanology at that time. A significant part of the exhibition is occupied by his personal collection.

On the oceanfront just west of the city, there is a natural curiosity that attracts tourist crowds from year to year. Translated as “The Mouth of Hell”, the Boca do Inferno fully justifies its name – a cave of eerie outlines that have been played by water and wind in solid rock for centuries. In a storm, the waves beat off the cliff around the Hell’s Mouth, a splashing sea and a terrifying noise rose up, the dark hole of cave cavities – an overall fascinating sight. Of course, it’s better to look from the ocean side.

Among other sights of the city, it is worth noting – it was built on a high rock to protect the city from attacks from the sea and coped with its task perfectly. It now houses an elite five-star hotel. An important religious monument in Kaishaish is the Assumption Church. It is located in the city center, at the intersection of many small streets and is notable not only for its architectural features, but also for the permanent exhibition of paintings by Portuguese artist Joseph de Obidos.

In Parque Palmela, located between Cascais and Estoril, concerts are usually open air … In general, it would be a sin not to be in Cascais, not to visit Estoril – there are also gorgeous beaches, many discos and bars, and several casinos – but gamblers can He knows without a clue.

A little north of Cascais is the city of Sintra, known to a wide circle of readers for the enthusiastic explanations of Lord Byron during his work. As with any coastal Portugal, Cascais has a large number of restaurants of all levels. Most of the dishes on offer are fish and seafood, it is no coincidence that Portugal has the highest per capita fish consumption in all of Europe.

The small but fantastically beautiful Portuguese town Cascais is located on the beach Lisbon Riviera, just half an hour from the capital of the country – the city of Lisbon. If you come here, you find yourself in a completely different fairy tale world: quiet narrow city streets with quiet houses and indescribable colors, interesting historical sites that are monuments of architecture or natural creations, and within walking distance to any of these places – and this whole Cascais resort is a unique place for the rest of the tourists for. C

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